If you wondering who we are, then we will tell you the full-short version of out story!

We are a bunch of internet old-school users that we all started by chatting on IRC.

We learned how to do ethical and unethical hacking and cracking, we studied programming languages using online tutorials and we reached our goal.

Lately we tried to do legit things and we have lots of legit successful projects but we tried also making money by using money making platforms that we paid honestly. But the problem was another:

We asked the developer of the scripts to do some custom addons, we paid and guess what? The developer responded with a: “I don’t have time now, i will reach you guys soon” and after several months we didn’t got his response and the money is gone (the shit wasn’t cheap).

Then we remembered that we used to do a lot of shit in the past, and we decided to buy all of the developers scripts and null them and then resell the scripts at cheaper prices (You will see the price difference between our website and his). Job done, we successfuly nulled the scripts and we created this beautifuy online store where you can buy the products at cheapest prices.

What do we guarantee:

  • Unlimited installs on unlimited domain names without license keys (Instead of one install on one domain name unlike the creator’s offers – 1 domain – 1 license key)
  • Virus FREE! Yes, you can scan our scripts wherever you want, we don’t do that shit, we do business!
  • Support for the basic script installation.
  • Customization (Obviously, you have to pay more)
  • And the most important! We offer all the UPDATES, not just for one year but for lifetime!

Hope you find our story interesting and understand why we did this job!


Best regards,

MNShop Team.